"Chariots of Fire"

The Winged Elves of the Skies

The Avariel is a rare race of reclusive elves
that dwells high in the mountains or forests away from other civilizations.

The Winged Elves seem even more delicate then their landbound brethren.
Their facial features even more chiseled and angular.
They sport beautiful, soft wings. Usually white, but can range to black.
The eyes of the Avariel tend to be a little larger then most elves'.
They come in the same colours as high and grey elves.
Their hair is normally white or black.

Avariel clothing is very close to togas.
Other kinds tend to snag on their wings.

There are two big types within Avariel society.

Much of their society is based on the warrior code of honor,
seeking greater glory for themselves and their allies.
Their lives are geared around war and battle, and they answer to their war-chiefs.
These Avariel are greatly feared by humanoid nations.
They have little of their landbound cousins respect for life,
and live for the desctruction of their enemies.
They are proud and hearty and form eternal
friendships with those who earn their trust.

The other half of the Winged Elves' society know little of war.
These Avariel has dedicated themselves to arts and intellectual aspects of life.
They rely solely on diplomatic skills and brains to get by.
They are great and popular artists and philosophers,
creating for the sheer joy of creation.

Strangely enough, the two parts of the Avariel society are completly harmonious.
Both respect eachother greatly, and trade the youngs in cultural exchange programs.
This leads them to become wellbalanced elves.
After a few decades of living amongst the others,
most of the young return to live the rest of their lives with their origins.

The Winged Elves are particularily religious,
but do not try to preach their beliefs.
They almost exclusivly worship Aerdrie Faenya, the Elven Goddess of Air and Weather.

Altho many other races seem to think so, the Avariel do not lay eggs.
They do have hollow bones like birds do tho.
Their lives spans are shorter then that of a land based elf,
staying in our world only about 300 years.


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