~Grey Elves~
The Nobles of the Mountains

Grey Elves are at once the most noble and most reclusive of the elves.
They have withdrawn from the world after making their mark,
which was to ensure that the world was well on the path of goodness.
They view themselves the protectors of good in the world,
but rarely come to the assistance of the "lesser" races.

The Grey Elves are taller and more slender than the other elves.
They typically got silver hair and amber eyes.
Somewhat rarer are those grey elves with pale gloden hair and violet eyes.
These elves are often known as faerie
and are the elves that first made contact with humans.

They garb themselves in wool tunics of gold, silver, white or yellow.
Over these, they wear cloaks of dark blue or purple.
When armed for battle, they wear shimmering suits of plate or chain mail,
Winged helmets and shining masterfully crafted swords.

The elegant bearing and pure beauty of the Grey Elves make them almost
appear as supernatural creatures.

The Grey Elves revere the sanctity of elven blood.
They consider themselves the purest form of all elves,
even tho they are an offshot of the original High Elf line.

Grey Elves hide the entrances to their mountain meadows
with powerful magics to keep any non-elves from finding them.

Of all Elves, grey elves rely the most on their intelligence.
Many of the most esteemed scholars and wizards are grey elves.
Their entire existence is based on developing and discovering new knowledge.
The libraries in their cities are the most extensive ever found.

The art of the Grey Elves don't have it's like in the world.
Because of their much fiercer dedication to perfection then the other elves,
the sheer beauty of their works are almost un-natural.

The society of the Grey Elves is among the most rigidly defined in any world.
They are ruled by a hereditary who can be succeeded by any of the other Royal House members.
This is subject to approval by the Noble House members.

Beneath these two Houses are the Merchant Houses, the House Protector and the Servitor Houses.


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