"Under the Sea"

~Aquatic Elves~
The Sea Elves of the Oceans

Few people have ever seen the Sea Elves,
but they are as numberous as their landbound cousins.
They partrol the deeps of oceans and large inland waters,
holding court beneath the waves.

Aquatic Elves have gill slits much like elves,
but can also survive out of water for a short time by breathing.
Their skin is typically silver-green, matching seaweed.
Some possess a bluish tinge to their skin.
Their hair complements their skin and is green or bluish green.

The Sea Elves play an important role in the underwater ecology.
They serve to keep the seas safer for the inhabitants.
Aquatic elves keeps the devastation of creatures
as saguagin, ixitzachitl and sharks to a minimum.

Because they fear the terrible creatures of the deeps,
they work together with the dolphins to keep at least some areas safe.
They follow ships and protect them and the friendly sea creatures.
Seaside communities often punish people who hurt the Sea Elves gravely.

Aquatic Elf communities consists mainly of those sea elves
that live in a 5 mile area. There is a titular king or queen whom they pay homeage,
but he/she has no real power over their daily life.
Sea elves live as they please, coming together under a ruler only in times of trouble.

They have cities of living corals, supplemented with glittering crystal domes.
Their undersea paradise is marked by farmers tending schools of fish,
and the peace you can only find beneath the waves.


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