"Purple Haze"

~Sylvan Elves~
The Wild Elves of the Woods

The Wood Elves are far more primitive then their kin.
Their lives are geared toward the simple matter
of survival in the woodlands, rather then enjoyment.
They find that this life is what give them the greatest pleasure.

Wood Elves seem more prone to violence than their civilized cousins.
Their muscles are larger, their complexions more florid.
They have yellow to coppery-red hair,
which contrasts with their lightly tanned skin.
Their eyes are generally light brown, bright green is also common.

Their clothing is much less eye-catching than what elves usually wear.
They focus to allow the wearer to blend in easily with the woods.
Colours varies to go with the seasons.
Green and dark brown in the spring and summer,
tan and russet in the fall and white leather during the winter.

The Wood Elves are much more tempramental and wild then other elves.
They live closely in contact with nature. They live by their hearts,
They often have big feasts celebrating nature, seasons and the moon.

They are very protective of their own, and anyone coming close to
an elf encampment will immediatly have at least two elves shading them.
The Sylvan Elves will kill anyone they feel threated them.

The music of the Sylvan Elves are the sound of wind thru the leaves,
the howling of the wolves in the night, the cry of the birds.
Their art is tattoos inspired by the everchanging cycle of seasons.


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