"Tubular Bells"

The Dark Elves of the Underdark

The Dark Elves are the evil cousins of the other elves.
Driven beneath the surface long ago by the light loving elves,
living now in a brutally carved out niche called the Underdark.
They are the masters and mistresses of dark grottoes, feared by all.

Drows are shorter then other elves.
They have black skin, white hair and burning red eyes.
Apart from the colours, they look like high elves.

The craftmanship of the Dark Elves is truly a marvel to behold,
wrought with strange and intricate designs. Unfortunatly,
their works are unable to exist out in the sunny surface world.

A Lloth Priestess

They have a rigidly structured and divided society led by the priestresses of Lloth.
Social stata and classification is virtually immutable.
A drow can advance within his/her own caste, but not beyond.
The chaotic nature of the dark elves is most evident when one seeks advancement...
an advancement typically made thru death.
They seek to improve their status in Lloth's eyes.
If it comes on expance of someone elses lives, so much the better...
It's one less challenger later.

Dark Elves have an abiding hatred of all things aboveground, especially the good elves.
The Drows will take any chance they can to destroy other elves they encounter.

Drizzt Do'Urden
One of the few good drows
and his panther Guenhwyvar.


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