"Land of a Thousand Dances"

~Athasian Elves~
The Running Elves of the Deserts

The Elves of the desert planet Athas is very different from other elves.
They are runners, rogues and raiders.
Disdaining of the transports other uses to cross the desert,
they rely on themselves only. Running faster then any others over the sandy dunes.

The Athasian Elves are very tall, 7' being the average.
Their long legs make them excellent runners.
They can cover amazing distances over the burning sand in a single day.
Their hair and eyes come in every colour imaginable.
They dress in whatever they can find,
either in dull colours to go with the desert or in colourful garbs.

Athasian elves are notorious traders.
Exploiting the gullible people that venture into their marketplaces.
They sell ill-gotten or shoddy goods.

Altho they act ignobly toward members of other races and elf tribes,
they are not evil. They have strong ties to their tribes and are only
as harsh as their planet dictates. The bonds that unite them are very strong.
Their lives depend on thier companions, and so they trust only those who
have proven they can be trusted.

Like the other inhabitants of Athas, the elves struggle to endure.
Only the strongest survive in the brutal desert world.
The Elves plan to be among that number, and if they must crush others....
well, if such is the path to survival, they will take it.


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