"Conquest of Paradise"

~The Creation of the Worlds and the Elves~

A long long time ago, the Gods walked the world.
The had sprung full born from the chaos of the universe wielding great powers.
All were different. Some could control water or fire. Some were strong. Some were wise.
Some of the gods used their powers wiser then others...

An alliance were formed.. a gathering of gods calling themself the Seldarine.
They imparted their very essence into creating certain aspects of the worlds.

Most gods were quarelling about juristions and possessions..
While the gathered ones modified some of the land,
making their worlds lush, green and beautiful.
They also created vessels for the first thinking lifeforms,
the beings known as Elves.
They worked their creations with thought and care.

The other gods grew jealous when they saw the beautiful creations of the Seldarine.
They thirsted to imitated them and started forming their own vessels.
They didnt invest the time and care the Seldarine did tho. Their vessels became flawed.
Most of them helf little potential.. only a few,
like Mankind would ever be able to impact the world as the elves would.

Two fractions rose.. The Seldarine and the anti-Seldarine.
The anti-Seldarine, led by Gruumsh was enraged. Bloodlust overcame them. The Gods went to war..
Some gods remained neutral and stood and watched. Some alligned with the Seldarine. Some with Gruumsh.
Gruumsh and the leader of the Seldarine, Corellon Larethian, got into a mighty battle.
Each suffered wounds both in body and soul.
They other Gods couldnt keep up as they got badly injured, but neither Gruumsh or Corellon would break off.
Night closed in.. and with that the powers of Gruumsh rose. Corellon wouldnt stand it much longer.
The moon cried for the Seldarine.. the tears hitting Corellon and mixing with his blood.
This woke him up.. he understood that he couldnt fail..
With a mighty blow, he struck Gruumsh who howled in pain and fled.
His companions fleeing with him to into the darkness to plan their comming back.

Corellon started collecting the tears of the moon and his blood..
using it to imbue their spirits into his vessels.
The elves was born. From the soil of the earth, the tears of the moon and the blood of the Gods.
The other Gods followed his example. Each with varying degree of success.
But nothing could compare to the Beauty and Wisdom of the Elves.

Elves are usually a little less then 5' tall.
Their facial features is fine and chiseled with slightly almond shaped eyes and pointy ears.
The beauty of an elf is far more perfect then that of any human.

Elves live their childhood in playful education.
Music, art and swordsplay are all parts of learn as they grow up.
At the age of about 80 years they are considered mature.
Many go around and explore the world at this age,
but most go back to live with their own again after some time.
After 550 - 600 years the elves leave the realm of mortals to a mystical place named Arvanaith.
This is a place of beauty and magic unparallelled by anything else.
Noone but elves have ever found this place.
They live out the rest of their lives here. Studying magic, art and music.


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