"Colors in the Wind"

~High Elves~
The Beings of Beauty and Freedom

These are the most common of the elves.
They are an open and friendly compared to other elves.
They are adventurous and travel widely outside their own cities.
They might seem a little aloof and arrogant at first,
but they know the value of friendship and alliance with other good races.

The High Elves are normally a little under 5 feet tall.
They are fair skinned, close to the colour of cream.
There are two different major variations in hair and eye colour.
One is blonde haired with blue eyes. The other dark hair and intense green eyes.
There's not really any differences apart from the cosmetic,
but they are often treated different by outsiders 'cause of the way they look.

Their clothing is mainly light pastel shades, and they often wear green cloaks.
They are woodsmen and hunters. Bows are therefore the most used weapon.
Mounts are almost never used because they move faster and more silent on their own.
They are also known for their gleaming, soundless Elven Chain Mails
and their cloaks "woven by the essence of the woods" that makes them nearly invisible.

The High Elf civilization is much like that rumoured in children's fairy tales.
Elven homes are enchanted, the lands under their jurisdiction places of goodness.
The realms of High Elves are fabled in the lands of men.

These elves do not put much importance on society.
They live as they wish rather then how others want them to.
They live their lives without worries and in a natural splendor.


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