~The Branching of the Elves~

After the creation of the races, the world got divided among the Gods
So their vessels would have a place to live.
The Seldarine choose the forests for their children, the Elves,
but they were secretly encouraged to spread as they wanted.
They other Gods did likewise.. And the newborn started fighting for the land.
The hatred Gruumsh had shown was spreading to the mortals.

The Elves was at this time living in harmony with eachother.
They was one. A proud people.
But as time went by the differences among them grew.
Some couldnt stand the life within the great Elven cities.
They wanted to roam free in the forests.
Some wanted to ban "outsiders" as humans and dwarves from the cities,
Keeping away those unfavoured by the Gods.
Each elf was sure his views were the right ones.
Evil, distrust and decadence started to gain foothold in the elves.

The Spider-Goddess Lloth saw what was going on with the Elves,
and started recuiting followers among them.
They used her to gain greater power and influence.
Her evil led they further away from the other elves.
They used dark and unholy powers to make themselves mightier.
They turned their backs on the light they used to love.

They difference grew and grew.. they couldn't exist together much longer.
Under the darkness of the night, the subjects of Lloth attacked their brethen.
The other elves had seen the darkness coming, and had readied themselves.
The Elfwar that would rage for decades started.
The Elves of Lloth took the name Drow to signify their new alliance,
and took the cities they had captured for their homes.
With the help of the dark powers of their Goddess they was preparing for a final battle.
Lloth covered the land in dark clouds, hiding the elves from their beloved light.
All seemed lost of the Elves.

But the Seldarine hadn't forgotten their creations.
Led by Corellon Larethian they struck hard in the middle of Drow territory.
They fought fiercly to conquer the Darkness and Evil of the land.
Corellon and the Spider Queen Lloth met in a hard battle for the land.
Corellon struck her a telling blow that hurled her deep into the earth.
As she was overcome, the light started to penetrate the clouds.
The Drow turned away from the light of the sun.
It was too much for the darkness within them.
They followed their Goddess into the earth below.
For their treachery against the Seldarine, Corellon Larethian made their skin grew dark.
It would always show and remind them and the other elves of what they had done.

The Elves had stood together against the Evil of the Dark Elves,
but as the war had ended they found the many differences
that had started the dividing still was there.
They grouped together with likeminded elves and split up..
Some leaving the great Elven cities, some staying there.
The wild life in the Forests, the hard life in the mountains,
The free life in the skies and on the oceans.
It all appealed to different elves.. and they left to pursue their own ways.
But they knew that they were Elves in their heart.
Never again would anything like the Elfwars divide them.

Corellon Larethian and the Seldarine left the Elves to tend for themselves.
They took instead residence on the plane of Arvandor.
Living together there as the Elves once did.


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