~Elves of Fantasy~

Elves have for centures been real in the myths and legends of mankind.
The elves origenated in Scottland. They were originally mean little
people who lived underground and ocasionally came out at night
to terrorize the peasants. They were called Dark Elves.
In Norway we got ancient tales 'bout elfish creatures in the forest,
and also 'bout Santa's little elf helpers. (Yes, Santa is Norwegian. *g*)

On this page I'll write about the elves from the fantasy literature.
All on here is written from my own mind, but is based on TSR's Complete Book of Elves
and the many worlds TSR has created.

~The Creation of the Worlds and the Elves~

~The Branching of the Elves~

~Sylvan Elves - The Wild Elves of the Woods~

~High Elves - The Beings of Beauty and Freedom~

~Grey Elves - The Nobles of the Mountains~

~Drows - The Dark Elves of the Underdark~

~Avariel - The Winged Elves of the Skies~

~Athasian Elves - The Running Elves of the Deserts~

~Aquatic Elves - The Sea Elves of the Oceans~


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