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(How to make your own character for a free-form game)

There are many new players who are interested in learning how to create a character or some players just need some ideas on how to add details to their current character.

The Skeleton
Why did I call this "The Skeleton"? Good question, I like to think of this part as creating a "frame" for your character. You have to ask yourselves these questions...

1. Male or Female?
2. Height?
3. Age?
4. Species?

And there ya have it. That creates the skeleton of your Character. To make it easier, I will create a character as I go through this. My new character will be a male, who's about 5'9", is 34 and he's an elf.

The Skin
Now that you have the skeleton of your character created. We have more things to add to it.

1. Name?
2. Appearance? (Such as, brown hair? brown eyes? a scar anywhere?)
3. Weapons?
4. Abilities? (Such as magic? telepathy?)
5. Immunities? (NOTE: The species you picked, Your character will have the SAME immunities and weaknesses. So if your species is shadow-based and someone threatens you with shadow-bane, It ~will~ hurt you!)
6. Items?
7. Nature? (Is he/she good? evil? neutral?)
8. Occupation?

That should add some skin to your character. My elf's name is Numo. His skin is a bit pale, with some slightly raggedy white-ish hair. His eyes are pure black and he has a scar just over his left eye from a fight he had when he was younger. He carries a small lethal-looking weapon (a smaller version of a scythe.) The few abilities he has is *excellent* use of his scythe weapon, He can cast small spells to cause mischief and he can use the woods to his advantage. He is also good with archery. He has the normal immunities that other elves would have. He is immune to "earth" attacks. He also has his weaknesses which I prefer to not list. (Other players may break some rules and use "player's knowledge" to attack your character.) Since this is a new character and I want to be realistic, He is going to start off with a simple dagger, a scythe-like weapon, a small water-proof pouch that carries water, and an amulet around his neck. He is neutral, but will attack if provoked. His occupation for now is traveller.

The Beef and Muscles
You can start to see a character forming before you, eh? This is called "The Beef and Muscles" because we aren't done with the character yet... We still have more to add to it! It's time we got to the depths of the character.

1. Where was he/she born?
2. Who were the character's parents? Did they or Didn't they raise him/her? If the parents didn't raise him/her, Who did? What are their names?
3. Did the character have any brothers or sisters? Any friends? Where are they now? Does He/She still talk to them?
4. How was his/her childhood? Abusive? Peaceful? Ordinary?
5. Does he have any pets? familiars?
6. What are his/her's beliefs? Does he/she worship a god(s)? Is he/she willing to do anything to protect or guard their beliefs?
7. Does he/she have the ability to kill others?
8. Does he/she have any allies? enemies? If so, who are they?
9. How would he/she treat others? Rudely? Friendly?
10. Any goals? Any dreams?
11. Has he/she considered the possibility of death? If so, has he/she made up a will?

Numo was born in a woodsy area in Gisua, A forest that was overwhelmed with elves. Numo's parents were killed in a war when he was 9. Currently he doesn't know much about them but he escaped the war and raised himself. He has been travelling ever since. He remembers a little sister but he doesn't know where she is or if she is even still alive. He currently has not much friends, Travelling pretty much kills contact. He has a familiar, A gryphon. His small size makes it easier to climb on his familiar and fly. His gryphon is named K'Ra. He doesn't have any beliefs, nor is he interested in learning religion. He does, however, will kill if he must. Since he doesn't stick around for long, He has very little enemies or allies. But since he is an elf, His enemy are the trolls. (This is what I learned, that Elves Despise Trolls.) His ally are the dwarves. (Dwarves are trying to get rid of the Trolls and Elves and Dwarves have become allies.) That is his species' enemy and ally. He personally, doesn't have any enemies or allies with others. If Numo met a person, depending on species and their attitude, He may react differently depending on a situation. Like if he met a Troll, but the troll was friendly, He will not attack him. But if he met a human who was rude, Numo will not be friendly towards the human. Numo doesn't really have any goals, There is a few... Such as wanting to find his sister, but he doesn't have any hope in finding her. His dream is to find a mate, settle down in the woods somewhere and have a family. But for now, he is doing what he loves, to travel and learn. Numo has considered the fact of possibly dying, but he hasn't written a will for he has very little items to be giving away.

The Conclusion
And there you have it! A good home-brewed character! What you do after this, is up to you. Join any RPGs or free-form games that are around here... You can give your character a test-drive at Fantasy Gathering.

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created: 12/09/99