Succubi & Incubi

A succubus is a type of female "demon" which is said to feed on the sexual energies of men. More often than not, a succubus does not truly take a physical form. They tend to appear more often in dreams, or the astral plane, than in the mortal world. A succubus' looks are generally determined by the mind of the man who's life she invades, but, for the sake of role-play, we'll take the scantily clad, beautiful creature depicted most often in artwork and writings as the image. The sexual escapades a succubus brings to her "victim" are most often pleasurable, and cannot really be considered harmful, causing only slight weakness if visitations are frequent, or in groups. As I've never actually seen a succubus in play, I would appreciate it if anyone who has played one, either past or present, would contact me and tell me about the ways you played her. I know nothing of the strengths or weaknesses of this species, as they are not commonly seen in the phsyical world. I know only that their visitations can supposedly be prevented through the use of a dream catcher, and they can be destroyed if their energy is drained to nothingness.

An Incubus is the male equivilant of a succubus. All aspects are identical.

By: Vermillion Gabriel Draven
Background made by: Gem.

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