Your basic, everyday mortal, i.e., You. A human character often has a set lifespan, many weaknesses, and frailties, and a medium to high intelligence level. However, these aspects can easily be modified by any number of outside forces, both positive, and negative. For instance, with proper training, a human character can be a skilled mage, or powerful psychic. Magically enhanced artifacts may also be used to induce changes, such as granting shape shifting abilities, invisibility, or the like. Because of these factors, as well as many others, the human character is often considered the most versatile. However, as stated previously, there are, too, some drawbacks. A human character can often be easily manipulated, and damaged. If cursed, said hex must be removed in play before the player will be allowed to play the character normally. A human also is quite susceptible to pain, and has a relatively lower threshold that many other character types, which must often be taken into account. Also, a human is just that, human. They bleed. They breathe. They die. If injured in battle, a human character must be tended to by a healer, or mage, in order to recover. Humans are often the most commonly seen character type, and for a reason, as most of us relate better to our own species than others. Some players, too, tend to have trouble playing their human characters with characters of another species, as they don't know how to react around them. If you feel that a human is right for you because of these, or any other reasons, more power to you, but remember, a human character can, and will die, so play at your own risk

By: Vermillion Gabriel Draven
Background made by: Gem.

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