A demon is a dweller of Hell, Hades, the "infernal regions," or any other various name used in reference to the underworld. Demons possess powers far greater than that of mortals, and, in their own realm, that being Hell, Hades, ect., are immortal. However, a demon on the mortal plane is susceptible to pain, damage, and perhaps even death. A demon can look like anything a player wishes, whether that be hideously ugly, or having beauty beyond words. A demon can also be played along any mythos a player wishes, whether that be Christian, Satanic, ancient Greek or Roman, Chinese, Norse ,or, as I often tend to play them, based in Demonolatry. However, you CANNOT claim yourself to be a known demon in ANY hierarchy, either common, or uncommon. For instance, a player taking control of Lucifer, Satan, Beelzebub(Yes, all three are separate demons, do not contest me on this, you will not win), Belial, Asmodeus, or even Lucifuge Rofocale(Yes, that is a demon) will not be recognized. You must create your own demon to play. Known demons may only be NPCed on occasion, or invoked. Any AVATAR wishing to house a known demon must contact me and give his or her reason for using the demon. I will reply swiftly, I promise you. If I find that anyone is indeed claiming and using a known demon as his or her own, I will personally conjour forth the demon whose name you are befouling, and have he/she filet your cat. *clears his throat* Having completed my little rant, I'll continue with what you CAN do with your demon. Demons are strong, fast, and often very intelligent. As they do not grow old, their age can be whatever a player wishes it to be, however, no, the beginning of time does not qualify as a legit age. Also, demons are not magickal beings, and, to the best of my knowledge, cannot learn spells. Their abilities are all natural to them, whatever they may be, which means they cannot be blocked, or binded in any way. A demonic character's weakness is often portrayed as being blessed, or naturally holy, weapons or spells/skills. The effects of such things will be much greater if they are used by a naturally holy being, such as an angel, or a mortal trained in holy arts, such as a priest, monk, or rabbi(walk into a bar, the rabbi says to the bartender...okay, okay, I'll shut up now). Oh, by the by, one more the Christian mythos, Lucifer is NOT a demon. He is a fallen angel, and there is a difference.

By: Vermillion Gabriel Draven
Background made by: Gem.

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