Demonic Elites

Ah, my own species. Near and dear to my heart, I must say. A Demonic Elite is a human imbued with power from Lucifer, as he is seen in the Christian mythos, as lord and master of the infernal regions. A Demonic Elite is created when a mortal sells his or her soul to Lucifer for power, beauty, vengeance, or any other self-serving reason. They are given a ring, known as the "Ring of the Covenant," a band of silver topped with a square cut onyx stone, which is encrusted with small rubies in the shape of an inverted crucifix, that is used as a symbolic contract, and their bodies are permanently altered. They are granted the looks they most desire, and gain complete sentient control over every cell in their bodies, meaning they can create or alter any organic tissue. This ability also extends over to other creatures. Upon touching, and learning the cellular structure of another being, they gain the ability to alter his or her body at will as well. An Elite's powers can be used in any way the player sees fits, whether it be to heal another character, or to rip him/her to shreds. This is the single abilty which all Demonic Elites have in common. However, upon their creation, they also gain mastery of another ability, which varies between characters. For instance, a few of my different Elites' abilities include psionics(Cyrus Creed), inorganic matter state alteration(Cash Rayne), advanced engineering and weapons design(Rave Ambrose), and Pyromancy(A method of internal combustion and flame manipulation I developed)(Gideon Faust). While this may seem to be an extremely powerful character type, they do have their weaknesses, if played properly. All Elites, other than the Narcissisian Aristocracy, are bound by Lucifer, and are at his command. Also, like true demons, the Demonic Elites are weak against holy weapons, and have some difficulty sealing wounds inflicted by such things. This can be dangerous, as Elites cannot heal by natural means. Their blood flows very quickly, as it is thinner than mortal blood, and it will not clot, as it contains no platelets. However, this is also the factor that prevents them from scarring. In most instances, a Demonic Elite can survive wounds inflicted with blessed weapons, unless the damage is truly horrendous, in which case, they can, and will, bleed to death. An Elite's ability to heal his or her wounds, and those of another depends on age, and practice. An Elite who has lived for multiple centuries has a much better chance of recovering from a holy attack than an Elite who was reborn only a year or so ago. There is only one type of metal which an Elite cannot in any way seal a wound from, but that will not be posted for all to see, as I feel there would be a sudden abundance of it around if it were to be revealed. One Elite can heal another at anytime, and in anyway, almost instantly, no matter what caused the damage to him/her. However, as they are very rarely seen together, again, other than the Narcissisian Aristocracy, this is not really an issue. A few quick notes before I conclude this: The skin of a Demonic Elite cannot be burned by anything other than holy flames. They have a natural resistance to normal flame, as well as "Hellfire." Speaking of their skin, it is also perfectly blemish-less, and extremely soft and smooth to the touch. Their hair has the feel and look of silk, and shines brightly no matter what color it may be. This character is meant to be played in an extremely arrogant manner. Most are very stuck up, and value their own beauty more than anything else in their lives. Many are also wealthy, having amassed great rishes over their many years. All in all, this character is most likely the most extravagant you'll ever bear witness to, and is often quite complicated to play. However, please don't let this discourage you. By all means, try one out, and see how you like it. Any questions can be directed my way, and I'll answer them to the best of my ability. Just remember, this is my own species, so always be ready for my criticism. *snickers* Kidding, just kidding.

By: Vermillion Gabriel Draven
Background made by: Gem.

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