A male or female, most often human, but occasionally other, who invokes a higher being, such as an angel, demon, or spirit, and uses his or herself as a vessel to store the energies of the creature. Often, an avatar's mind is lost to that of the invoked being, and he or she is used only as a holding container. This can be seen as a type of induced possession. However, it is possible for the avatar to keep sentient control of his or her mind and body, and wield the powers of the invoked being to his or her own ends. While this is rare, it will be seen from time to time, though it is often used only as a part of a planned role-play. However, if too many are seen possessing the power of godly creatures through use of invocation, this class will be removed, and allowed to be played only by request and approval. Please don't take advantage of this species/class, as that would ruin the overall fun of the game.

By: Vermillion Gabriel Draven
Background made by: Gem.

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