Chinese Dragons

Chinese dragons are known with five toes on each foot. These usually are seen with four legs and a long sinuous and serpentine body that ends with a tail that appears very much like a tail of a snake. Chinese dragons are known for having body parts of other animals. They also have a bearded face and have eyes that resembles a rabbit since their glows red as well. Their horns are usually like those of a stag, their paws of a tiger and claws of an eagle.

Through my research, Some places have different amounts of scales. One claims that they only have 81 scales which can be black, red, white, or yellow. And another states they have 117 scales altogether. But that 81 of those 117 are "yang" and the other 36 are "yin". Yang represents benevolent essence and yin represents malign essence, So this means that chinese dragons are mostly benevolent.

Things vary with the sex of the dragons. For example, Male dragons have these smooth wavelike, very deep curving horns while Female dragons would usually have a straight nose as well as round manes. I'm not sure if this applies to only males but chinese dragons have these pearls that they carry either in their throat or in a fold of skin on their throat or below their chin.

The breeding of dragons take a long time. They mostly lay their eggs near water and the eggs could take about 1000 years to hatch. When the eggs hatch, the parents usually cry out. They claim the cry of the male dragon would make the winds rise and the cry of the female dragon would make the winds calm so you can imagine the thunderstorms and rain that it causes. When they are born, They don't look anything like their parents. They begin as a watersnake and it takes 500 years before they turn into "kiao" where over the 500 years, they develop a head very much like a carp. Then it takes 1,000 more years for them to become a "lung" where they have the scales of a carp and the inner anatomy of a proper dragon. It's not done yet, It takes another 500 years for them to develop horns, This is where it becomes "kioh-lung". Then, it takes another 1000 years for them to develop wings and become "ying-lung". A long and lengthy process.

There are many types of Chinese Dragons. To the best of my knowledge, there is the "t'ien lung" who are celestial dragons who protect the heavens and prevent the gods' mansion from decaying. They also have 5 claws on each foot. Then you have "shen-lung", which are the dragons who control the weather, mostly rain and clouds. There is "ti-lung", dragons who govern the lands and rivers. Then "fu-ts'ang lung" which are treasure keepers. They guard hoards of jewels and precious metals that were deposited.

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