About SunRa and MoonLi

About SunRa

SunRa was one of the most powerful Gods of his time. He ruled on the higher ranks before he was chased out. He is the God of the sun, day, and loyalty.

He was often looked at as the father of all gods because if it wasn't for him, nothing would exist. This is what caused a lot of squabbling and jealousy between the gods. SunRa didn't care how his followers titled him. Only that they respected him, were lawful, and good.

No one knows the relations between SunRa and the other gods. It was rumored that he was the first god to come into existance by Gaia but no one knows for sure. His love is MoonLi. Like the sun always chasing after the moon or vice versa, Their love is eternal.

Moon Goddess by Josephine Walls
"Moon Goddess" by Josephine Walls
Used with Permission.
About MoonLi

MoonLi was a Goddess who also was in the higher ranks with SunRa. She is the Goddess of the moon, night, and dreams.

Many followers have often fell in love with MoonLi even when they've never seen her before. When a Gathen wanted to be rid of their nightmares, they always were able to pray to MoonLi and sweet dreams would be their next adventure as they fell asleep.

It was said that MoonLi had a son with SunRa. A priest even backed the rumors up with a name, "JurenXo". He was exiled later on when it was known that it was a hoax to stir up trouble. MoonLi's eternal lover is SunRa.

Background made by: Gem.

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