About the Sun and Moon of Fantasy Gathering

Sun of Ru'shin
Sun made from tube in PSP
and edited further to finish picture.
Sun: Ru'shin (Roo-shin)
This sun is controlled by SunRa. It rises and sets like any other sun. However, There have been times when it was said that the sun has never risen. Many believe it's SunRa's reminder of how important the gods are. It keeps many troublemakers obedient.

It's also believed that SunRa controls the seasons with the sun's distance forcing Winter or Summer whenever he wants.

Moon: Lumis (Loo-miss)
What's awesome about this moon is that it would be a full moon every night in Fantasy Gathering. Of course, What would block the full moon are the clouds but the sky usually clears up when night arrives. Lumis is controlled by MoonLi which explains this phenomenon of a full moon every night.
Moon of Lumis
Moon was taken from an image gallery
long ago that gave permission to use it.

Background made by: Gem.

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