Map of Fantasy Gathering

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Map of Fantasy Gathering
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The Clearing - This is where most travellers find themselves when they first enter Fantasy Gathering. As you can see, There's a lake that meets part of the clearing and during summers, You can swim in it. For fishing, We ask that you walk on the trails to go to the other side of the lake to prevent injury between fishers and swimmers.

Twilight Knowledge - This is the main library of Fantasy Gathering. It's owner is Nicholas Ravenwing and it is there to provide most information possible about all kinds of subjects. It also accepts donations of old, used, and new books.

The CrossRoads Tavern and Inn - When you take the southern trail, You should quickly come across this building. Many travellers can stop here to eat and rest before they continue. This tavern is owned by Laurana Gainan and Davis Bluestone.

Employees' Quarters - This building was established recently for the workers at the tavern. Until recently, They slept in the rooms of the first story that were originally meant for the guests. Time passed, money was made, Gem and Laurana then built a seperate building for their employees.

Four Winds Crossing - Further down the path, You will eventually come across a booming town. People live here and like many other lucky places, Law and Order has been established by Sheriff Morgan Gaylord.

Gypsy Cavern - On the outskirts of Four Winds Crossing is Gypsy Cavern. Gypsies are known to be there so when you pass their way, Enjoy their entertainment! Be careful though, They tend to be rude jesters towards rude travellers!

Scarlet Crescent Shore - If you follow the east trail, or the river from the lake, You'll eventually come across the beach. The reason this beach got its name was because when the sun sets, The water and practically everything else is tinted a red color.

Scarlytte Castle - This castle was erected by Search Ramsay and his friend, Tarsik. The castle sits out in the ocean sitting on a foundation that is as high as the water is. There is a landbridge that connects the castle to the shore but this is hidden when the tide is high.

Cobrynn - When you go further out and underwater, You'll come across across an underwater city. Currently, This area is not well known amongst residents and travellers in Fantasy Gathering.

MoonLi's Temple - This temple was used to worship MoonLi. Currently, This building is buried and no one knows it exists yet.

Background made by: Gem.

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