The Legend of SunRa and MoonLi

It all started in a different realm far from here. In that realm, There were many gods. Two of them were SunRa and MoonLi. Both of them were powerful and very respected but only amongst their followers. When the followers, who only worshipped SunRa, grew in numbers, jealousy and squabbling broke out between the gods. They decided that they need to get rid of SunRa and his lover, MoonLi.

Escape from Terrors by Heather Carroll
"Escape from Terrors" by Heather Carroll
Used with Permission.
The Gods started to fight in the heavens above which was very damaging to the people below. Storms and periods of darkness lasted for days. SunRa fought hard for his place. Many people say that he is the Father of all gods because he was the sole reason why that sun rose and set. The sun was necessary for all living things to continue. But the warring did not only happen in the heavens. The people below were so terrified for the end of their lives that many of them began to scorn and shun the followers of SunRa and MoonLi. They felt if the followers were cast out, that the other gods will return things to peace.

MoonLi ran to her lover, SunRa, and pleaded. "This is not our home anymore and it's much to dangerous to stay." Hearing her pleas, SunRa took her and fled from the realm with their followers. He promised them a safe voyage to a new home. They finally arrived to Gathaeren Realm where they began to make it their new home.

One traveller came along and nicknamed them as Gathens. Eventually, The followers accepted this term as it became more and more common. The followers called themselves the Gathens.

They felt their troubles were over.. But they were wrong.

MoonLi took something that belonged to her but all the gods had felt they needed it. It was an orb that had many things but amongst them were knowledge and power. The other gods couldn't advance without that orb. A temple was built and this orb rested inside that temple.

One day, The gods had waged war on SunRa and MoonLi's new home. Many frightened followers fled from their homes as the ground shook and tore apart. Water flooded everywhere while the Gathens were fleeing in terror. MoonLi took her 4 most faithful female Gathens and took them to her temple. SunRa tried as hard as he could to fight back the gods. Suddenly without any warning, the land went completely underwater taking many followers with it.

Crystal Orb by Joanna Wu
"Crystal Orb" by Joanna Wu
Used with Permission.

Antediluvian by Jeffrey K. Bedrick
"Antediluvian" by Jeffrey K. Bedrick
Used with Permission.
MoonLi stood outside of her temple and watched as their new home was going bad. Storms were raging, winds were blowing, Lightning was torching everything it touched. She was waiting desperately for SunRa to come but there was no appearance of him. She knew he was too busy fighting and may never arrive. She ushered her four closest followers inside the temple and closed the doors. To protect the temple and hide the orb, she had to bury it. The temple slowly buried itself underground and growth in nature of trees and grass was forced to cover the empty lot where the temple sat.

MoonLi comforted the women before coming to a personal decision. She turned them into statues and rested inside one waiting in fear. As time passed, they never found the temple. Inside the buried temple were the lonely cries of MoonLi that no one would ever hear.

No one knows what became of SunRa. Many stories gave suggestions as to what happened. Some think he was killed. Others think he fled. A few believe he turned evil when he couldn't find MoonLi and went insane. As for what happened with the Gathens, no one knows that either. Even though their homes went underwater, There's no sure way of knowing if any did escape in time.

And that, my friends, is the legend of SunRa and MoonLi.

Background made by: Gem.

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