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Gathens are the name of the people that were living in the Gathaeren Realm. They put their lives, trust, faith, and loyalty to SunRa and MoonLi. New traditions started to rise as well as new laws and other things to better their living conditions. One of the main things about the Gathens were the sunscars and moonscars.

SunScar for Men
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After the Gathens were chased out of their home and went to the Gathaeren Realm, men were very serious. They didn't want spies amongst them. To show that they were serious about their loyalty to SunRa, every single man and boy , at the age of twelve and above, were forced to have a "sunscar" above their left brow. This is very much like tattooing but it's a cleanly made scar.

On the left shows the usual shape of the sunscar that represents their loyalty to SunRa. They felt that any man or spy that dared to have the "sunscar" would be burned and tortured by SunRa himself if the loyalty is false.

However, for women, the men were not strict. Women had a choice if they desired to have the "moonscar". If they did, it would be above their right brow. Women who did not have the "moonscar" had a harder time since men were more attracted to women who did have the "moonscar".

The picture on the right shows the usual shape of the "moonscar" for women who feel they should show their faith in their Goddess MoonLi. This was not the only way that women showed their faith. Some wore necklaces with a pendant shaped as a crescent but it was not encouraged as much as the "moonscar" was.

MoonScar for Women
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The Gathens knew what it was like to be exiled from their own home. This brought a new understanding and put things into perspective. The Gathens were very kind to outsiders and travellers that came to their town. If the outsiders were kind, the Gathens were kind. If the outsiders were rude, the Gathens were rude. They treated others the way they were being treated. This surprisingly worked out well since most of the time, it was kindness. A total of three taverns and inns were established strategically around their town to make it easy for travellers to come, rest, and leave. They felt that this would be something that SunRa and MoonLi would be proud of.

The elderly lived in times where other Gathens did not and this made elderly people very respected and cherished. They knew things from way back when. If someone disrespected an elder in public, they would get public humility with a tongue lashing by one of several most respected elders.

Gathens are not able to perform true magic, sorcery, wizardry, etc. This did not disturb them when a traveller with paranormal abilities entered their homes. They believed that SunRa and MoonLi will save them if danger is lurking. They did many things ranging from farming and cooking to building homes and being smiths of many types.

They weren't very involved with imagery. Most of their homes were just plain with no signs of designs or art. They dedicated most of it to MoonLi's temple which most of the details can be seen. As for reading and writing, Most adult Gathens couldn't read or write. The elderly had to form a school for the children. Because of this, many children were able to read and write.

Using the herbs and other weeds when they moved into Gathaeren Realm, there were lots of testing but they did eventually find how to heal people when they were sick. All in all, their healing ways were mediocre.

Underground tombs are built for each family so that when an untimely event like death happens, each corpse are buried in the same room. Before they came to the Gatharen Realm, they had to form a tomb below their own home and place the deceased ones below. After the Gathens arrived to the Gathaeren Realm, they freely picked an area where tombs would be placed away from the town. This was to make sure that SunRa and MoonLi can freely guide the souls of their deceased ones to heaven. When being placed in a tomb, the corpse must be facing the sky because the Gathens believed that if someone was buried face down after the complete burial, their soul would go down into the ground. Murderers or known sinners in the harsh sense are usually buried face down for SunRa's hell.

Gathens were allowed to freely express their love for another person. Public kissing and hand-holding were allowed. Marriage was believed to be a private event so when two Gathens are in love and wish to declare their love with an official bond, they went to the temple to where they stated their love for each other and they felt that MoonLi would bond their spirits together for all eternity. There were several ways to express their bond. Because a spirit bonding is permanent, the men had a circle added to their sunscar inside the sun. For women they had a choice to either put a circle around the moonscar or if they didn't have a moonscar, they wore a necklace with a circle made out of metal. Monagomy is the rule and they couldn't lose their virginity till after this private marriage.

Children are loved and taken care of. Before they came to the Gathaeren realm, by law, children were abused, disciplined, treated badly because the ruling people felt that is the only way they can grow up to be an adult. After the move to Gathaeren Realm, The Gathens treated their children with respect and love. Their society improved greatly. Children must attend daily teachings at a local schoolhouse. When children became the age of twelve, The Gathens celebrated this birthday with a blessing. A child reaching the age of twelve were now considered an adult and encouraged to leave the home to make a living of their own.

An Elder would be the town's most respected. He was the one who set the laws, gave punishments and pardons, as well as many other things. This elder would usually have 5 people below him who took care of his needs and carried out what he says. This was not a democracy.

In the middle of the town was a large home that was meant for the current Elder who was in charge. Other houses and markets were built around it. The Temple for MoonLi was built far out into the woods. The reason for this was so that no outsiders or robbers can easily invade and deface the temple. They also believed that MoonLi can easily defend her temple if her people are not watching.

Background made by: Gem.

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