Basic Rules in Fantasy Gathering

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Bullet There is absolutely no Autoing. - Exactly what it says. This is a no-no in many roleplaying areas. Basically, What "autoing" is, Is when a player states the reaction of what your character has said, done, or has been hit. It is, bluntly, controlling your character and many players don't go for this.

For example: My character throws a rock at your character. Your character cries out, "OUCH!" as his head gets hit and bleeds.

That right there is autoing. I was stating your character's reaction and that was wrong of me. There are players who have truly pushed borders.

For example: My character throws a rock at your character. Your character cries out, "Ouch! Please don't hurt me! I bleed too easily! I'm a very weak man!" Your character bows at the feet of my character vowing to serve my character for the rest of your character's measly life.

That's not something that any player will go along with. And *Yes*, This has happened before. Scary, huh? You have *all* rights to ignore this type of action.

Bullet No lone gods allowed. - I'm sorry, But when one day Fantasy Gathering is overwhelmed with a bunch of gods wandering around with no followers, It's time to a put a stop to it. I know that many players take the easy way out by creating a character who is a god and can destroy an entire planet with a blink of an eye. If someone creates a god character, Chances are, the player is not willing to accept challenges in the game.

But this does not mean that we banish all gods. Your god must have followers. Not NPC (Non-Player Characters). They must be seperate players who are willing to create a character to follow your God. Look on the bright side, If you can achieve at least 3 different players each willing to create a follower, You've just added realism to your God character. But keep in mind, even then, Some players will not allow godmoding from your character.

Bullet Absolutely no rape! - We do not allow players to go around using their characters to rape other characters. As much as I hate to admit this, There are players who take this personally and will be offended. It is a game but forcing rape onto their character will brand you as a NEWBIE and many players rarely will give you a second chance to play after you have seriously offended them.

The *only* time that we will EVER allow rape to happen during plays is if this has been an agreement between two players on the side. We do allow conspiracy plots so as long as both players have DISCUSSED this situation about rape happening between the characters and allowing it, Then we have no problem. We just ask that this plot does not happen often because there are still other players who will get offended wether this has been approved or not between the players.

We won't allow rape to be played out with details on the boards.

Bullet Destroying a place or land is not allowed. - It has been pretty much decided that it will not be allowed. We can not even begin to tell you how many times other players have tried to burn down The CrossRoads Tavern and Inn or do something to the stables behind it, etc... It's no longer allowed unless it's a conspiracy plot BUT ONLY WITH CEPHILIA_GAINAN OR BLUE_GREEN_GEM. How's that for emphasis? Heh. I doubt those two will even allow your plot to destroy their tavern and inn.

Bullet Everything is IC! - I would like to quote a dear friend of mine, Corbin Ramsay. He said it best when he said, "If someone's character falls in love with your character, this does NOT mean the player has fallen in love with you. If someone's character gets angry with your character, this does NOT mean the player is angry with you." Be smart, and please, do not blur that line that separates the two.

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