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Welcome to Fantasy Gathering Adoptions

Interested in adopting a dracoline? Don't worry, in no time,
you'll be a proud owner of one of these majestic creatures!

Since there are many Dracolines to choose from,
They've been given their own pages to make loading time easier!

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Ready to Adopt? Read the Rules!

Before you can adopt, there are a few things you should know.

  • You may adopt more than one Dracoline.
  • Please do not alter Dracolines in any way.
  • Do not put Dracolines in a graphic archive.
  • Dracolines are not clipart so they belong in no collections.
  • Do not make backgrounds, or any other sorts of images out of them.
  • Fantasy Gathering Adoptions is the only place allowed to give out Dracolines for adoption.
  • Dracolines that you want to adopt must be saved to your own server. DO NOT LINK TO THE IMAGES HERE! That is considered bandwidth stealing.

You must link back to this adoption.

You can link by using this button on the right. Even a text link will do but the link must be the on *same* page that you place the Dracoline on, Not tucked away in some far away place.

Adopt a Dracoline!

Or, if you'd like, You can use this below. Just highlight the text in the right box, copy and paste it onto your page. Put in the name of your Dracoline, as well as the date you adopted. Feel free to change *anything* as long as the link stays in it!


I adopted this Dracoline from
Fantasy Gathering Adoptions

Let Us Know You Adopted

So you decided to adopt a Dracoline!
Please, Sign the guestbook and let us know the new home of the Dracoline(s)!


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I would like to thank Vermifuge for making the
Dracolines for Fantasy Gathering. Visit her lair!

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