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Welcome to Fantasy Gathering!

Instead of tucking everything on a menu on the left, we decided to bring everything out before you. We hope you will find what you are searching for.

~Kyrsanth the Blue

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The Clearing

Twilight KnowledgeTwilight Knowledge is a library located near the clearing. It is circular in shape with a domed roof and the front door has the marking of an opened eye. Within are information to various things that might be of interest to you.

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Submit a ProfileOne of the largest things about Fantasy Gathering is the immense amount of profiles submitted from other RPers since June of '99. I am hoping to find an easier way of getting profiles posted so that you will be allowed to return and update them without needing to e-mail me every change. (Click on the left to submit a profile, Click on the right to view profiles). Profile of Kyrsanth?

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Web Rings
These are the rings that Fantasy Gathering is a member of. If you are ready to venture on to another realm, check this out.

Basic F. A. Q.
Here are answers to questions that were often asked about FG.
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Here are answers to questions that were often asked about profiles.
Basic Rules
These are the basic rules when it comes to RPing in FG.

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Web Rings
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Home-Brewing a Character!
New to Roleplaying? Want to learn how to make a character for an RPG that you want to join? Go here to learn how to make detailed information about your character to WOW others!
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